Ncert books free download

By | August 16, 2016

Ncert books free download: yaaAre you looking to download ncert books for free?You are at right place.Ncert books can help you to prepare for IAS, IBPS, CBSE, UPSC exams without spending any money.These ncert books offered by the Indian government for free of cost.But the problem when comes then people not now where to find these good books and where to download easily.According to my experience, individuals have confusion about it.

Ncert books free download

Ncert books free download

But today we will clear your any doubt you have about ncert books.Exambeet released a case study about ncert books which shows that 80% upsc toppers passed the hard exams just using these books, So I’ll recommend you also to check the official site to download ncert books and Ncert books free download.


Who Providing these books?


Okay!!The books as we already said that offered by the Indian government for free at ncert officially website this website, you can download all subjects books and Ncert books free download.

Ncert  Books Free Download

 No  Student Class  Book name  Subject  Download Now
 1  1  Mari Gold  English  Click To Download 
 2  1  Math magic  Mathematics  Click To download
 3  1  Rimjhim  Hindi  Click To download
 4  1  Ibtedai Urdu-I  Urdu  Click To download
 5  6  Honeydew  English  Click To download
 6  6  Ganit  Matheematics  Click To download
 7  6 The Earth Our Habitat  Geography  Click To download
8 11  The story of Graphic Design  Graphical Design  Click To download
 9 11  Themes in World History  History  Click To download
 10 11  Living Craft Traditions of India  Heritage Crafts  Click To download
 11  11  Exemplar Problems  Maths  Click To download
 12  11  Mathematics  Maths  Click To download
 13  11  Exemplar Problems  Physics  Click To download
 14  11  Physics Part – I  Physics  Click To download
 15  11  Physics Part – II  Physics  Click To download
 16  12  Accounting  Accountacy – I  Click To download
 17  12  Accounting  Acoountacy – II  Click To download
 18  12  Sociology  Social Change and Development in India  Click To download
 19  12  Sociology  Indian Socialogy  Click To download
 20  12  Psychology  Psychology  Click To download
 21  12  Political Science  Political Science  Click To download
 22  12  Political Science  Contemporary World Politics  Click To download
 23  12  Maths  Mathematics – I  Click To download
 24  12  Maths  Mathematics – II  Click To download
 25  12  Geography  India People and Economy  Click To download


How to Download Ncert books:


1) Go to officially website

2)Now you are at National Council of Education website the main page I mean at the homepage.

3)If you know English very well.We recommend you to click on English version of site

4)Please not do not click on e-Pathshala website because this is not an officially website.

5)Now you will see left-hand corner a simple button ‘download ncert textbooks” click on it.

6)Now you will see a simple menu bar which shows select?

7)Now you can select class and subject according to your needs you looking for

8)Now you will see a simple download button then click on it.

9)You can save it to your personal computer for future use.

10)these are simple steps you can follow to download ncert books easily.

Quick Tip: Ncert books free download Yes Simtha Errani launches a new app for ncert books for the android phone now you can take benefits by downloading that simple at on your smartphone and enjoy freely ncert books without spending time on the downloading process.This app is working very well I’m using this personally if you wish you can get it by clicking here.


Ncert books free download Most of the question I’ve done and explained here with you to know more about these books.if you still Facing any problem with ncert books you can simply comment below we will answer you back in 24 hours or less.

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