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By | November 21, 2016

1. The first-ever BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit held in  which state of India?

[A]Goa [B] Uttar Pradesh [C] Maharashtra [D] Rajasthan

Answer : [A]Goa

2.  Which former chief minister has been awarded by Ugandan     government for his literary  work?

[A]N. Rangaswamy [B]Oommen Chandy [C]Tarun Gogoi

[D]Ramesh Pokhriyal

Answer : [D] Ramesh Pokhriyal

  1.    Who has been elected as the new Secretary General of the United Nations?

[A]Anibal Silva [B]Vitaly Antonio [C]Antonio Guterres    D]Matthew Rycroft

Answer : [C]Antonio Guterres

4.. What is the theme of 2016 World Standards Day (WSD)?

[A]International Standards – Creating confidence globally

[B]Standards level the playing field [C]Standards Build Trust

[D]Standards – the world’s common language

Answer : [C]Standards Build Trust

  1. The National Seismic Programme (NSP) has been launched in which

state of India?

[A]Arunachal Pradesh [B]Sikkim [C]Assam [D]Odisha
Answer : [D]Odisha

  1. Shahlyla Ahmadzai Baluch, who passed away recently, was a football

player of which country?

[A]Pakistan [B]Afghanistan [C]India [D]Iran

Answer :  [A]Pakistan

  1. Who has been appointed as Whole-Time Member (WTM) of the

Securities and Exchange Board of  India (SEBI)?

[A]Pradeep Kumar [B]G Mahalingam [C]Jivan Kher [D]Prashant Saran

Answer : [B]G Mahalingam

  1. . Who of the following has been selected for the Sri Maharshi Valimiki  Jayanti Award for 2016-17?      [A] D  .            Borappa [B]H Anjaneya [C]Veeranna     [D]S G Siddaramaiah

Answer:C]Veeranna .

  1. Which Indian personality has been awarded for ‘Excellence in Technical   Innovation’ by the International Society of Automation (ISA)?

[A]Satish Pathak [B]Pankaj Ahuja [C]Naveen Jain [D]Milind Sharma

Answer : [A]Satish Pathak

  1. The 2016 Women of India Festival has started in which of the following


[A]New Delhi [B]Jaipur [C]Gandhinagar [D]Allahabad

Answer : [A]New Delhi

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